Emmanuel Macron Puts France in the Global Spotlight


These days, the French President is rarely out of the news. However, unlike Trump, he is there for all the right reasons it seems. So, how much has Macron helped in putting France back in the global spotlight?

International Politics and Diplomacy

Emmanuel Macron is definitely new to international spotlights. In fact, even back in France, he is the youngest to become President. Despite his seeming inexperience, Macron has managed to make everyone take notice of him. He didn’t step into the limelight as much as exploding onto it.

One of the most interesting things about Macron’s role on the global stage is how he seems to be everywhere. Recently, he concluded a visit to China before heading to Davos for the World Economic Forum. Additionally, Macron seems to have a fascination for the grandiose. He is rarely seen making smaller careful gestures. Every move he makes ends up making a splash, a sign of how much he loves symbolism.

Unlike a few other world leaders, Macron doesn’t shy away from physical contact. He is often seen beaming, patting and even hugging world leaders, be it with Trump at the Bastille Day parade or holding Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz during the latter’s visit to France.

As for the world leaders, they do not mind it at all. In fact, he even managed to elicit some rare lyrical praise from German Chancellor Angela Merkel who quoted Hermann Hesse after they met for the first time.

One of the more recent examples of how Macron manages to build relationships with world leaders can be witnessed in his recent visit to China. He managed to apply a version of the famed Chinese panda diplomacy to win hearts in the country and elsewhere when he gifted Chinese President Xi Jinping with a rare gelding from the stables of France’s vaunted Republican Guard.

Direct and Confident

The horse episode just goes on to show that Macron is comfortable with doing the unexpected. More importantly, Macron embraces one of the most essential qualities of a statesman, confidence. According to his staff, he also has the knack for using the right tone to reach out and connect to the person he is talking to.

France on the Global Stage Now

As a result of his characteristics, Macron has now been able to take France to heights that his recent predecessors were unable to. Across the world, France is now looking more modern and optimistic. More importantly, it has started to make waves and create its own sphere of influence around the world.

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