Shinzō Abe

Japanese Prime Minister to visit Iran


Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will visit Iran with an intermediary mission to ease tensions between the Islamic Republic and the United States. Japan can become an “ideal mediator”, it occupies a unique position under the prism of its possible mediatory mission – it is an ally of the United States and maintains traditionally close ties with Iran, reports Reuters on June 7.

During a visit to Japan last month, US President Donald Trump welcomed the alleged assistance of Prime Minister Abe on the issue of de-escalating US-Iranian relations.

For its part, Japan seeks stability in the Middle East, since the bulk of its oil imports come from this region. Although Reuters notes, earlier this year, the East Asian state stopped buying Iranian oil because of the risk of being hit by secondary US sanctions.

Recall, after a significant aggravation of the situation in the Persian Gulf zone against the background of the US military preparations conducted here, two Arab countries offered their mediation services in defusing American-Iranian tensions. This is Iraq and Oman. However, the proposal of Iran’s two neighbors has not yet been followed by signs of a serious interest of Washington and Tehran in activating the “Arab component” of mediation. Moreover, Iran’s top political leadership continues to reject any possibility of entering into dialogue with the United States, indicating that “negotiations and war cannot go hand in hand.”



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