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US Ambassador: Israel has the right to annex the West Bank


The US Ambassador to Jerusalem, David Friedman, said in an interview with Friedman: “The last thing the world needs is a Palestinian state in a state of collapse between Israel and Jordan. Maybe this will not satisfy their minimum requirements. Maybe they will not be ready to accept what they are offered. We expect that the right plan is proposed at the right time. with time, it will produce the right reaction.”

Friedman, an unshakable supporter of the Israeli settlement movement, said that Trump intends to improve the quality of life of the Palestinians, but he is unlikely to “be able to find a formula for permanently resolving the conflict.”

Friedman added that he did not believe that the Trump plan would serve as a pretext for unwinding a spiral of Palestinian violence. Trump stressed the special role of Jordan, with which the Trump administration intends to coordinate any actions regarding the Palestinian territories.

Friedman’s comments are likely to increase Palestinian hostility towards the “peace plan” of President Donald Trump.

The Israeli non-governmental organization Shalom Akhshav made an angry condemnation of the statement by the United States Ambassador to Israel David Friedman that “Israel has the right to annex certain parts of Judea and Samaria”.

Shalom Akhshav reported the following: “Ambassador Friedman is a Trojan horse of Israeli settlers who sabotages Israeli interests and undermines any chance of peace. Friedman’s extremist and irresponsible statements right on the eve of President Trump’s peace plan’s publication leave no doubt as to what President Trump should do. If he really considers himself an honest broker, he must order Friedman to pack his bags and leave Israel this evening.”

The peace activists did not stop there: “With friends like Friedman — who needs enemies? Any sane person understands that the annexation of the West Bank will lead the region to a catastrophe and will question the very existence of Israel as a democratic and Jewish state. And the price for this grand crime will be paid by the inhabitants of the region, not Friedman and Trump.” the newspaper The New York Times, that Israel “has the right to annex at least part of the West Bank.”

Friedman said: “Under certain circumstances, I think that Israel can keep parts for itself, but the entire West Bank is unlikely.


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