The 41st US President George Bush Dies At 94


30th November was a sad day for America, as former President of the USA, breathed his last breath. The 41st President of the States who guided America through the Iraqi assault of Kuwait and held the country strong during the breakup of the Soviet Union dies at an age of 94.

George HW Bush was suffering from vascular Parkinson’s disease that caused him to lose balance.  He was permanently shifted to a wheelchair back in 2012 and later diagnosed with a blood infection which made him weaker by the years.

George died after his wife Barbara death earlier in April at the age of 92. Nevertheless, the man did not live his last days in woebegone sadness. In fact, Bush was claimed to have lived life to the fullest without fearing anything. He spends his last two birthdays indulging in skydiving and other activities.

Presently, his death was announced to the public via his office that posted, the World War II naval aeronaut, the 41st US president, and oil pioneer died at 94. According to reports, consequent to the death of HW Bush, the 43rd President of the States George W Bush commented, that his sibling including Jeb, Marvin, Doro, and Neil are vastly saddened by the death of their beloved father. He further stated that HW Bush was the best father any child could have and a man of highest moral character.

He thanked the people who have prayed for his father soul and offered his family their benevolent condolences by addressing fellow citizens in a press conference.

Presently the Bush family decedents comprise of the four Brothers, their wives, their children where the number of grandchildren are 17. One of the brothers Jeb even competed against trump in the upcoming elections of 2016.

Nevertheless, following the death HW Bush, Trump even praised the man for sound judgment and unquestionable leadership. He even announced 5th December to be a national day of mourning, where he and his wife Melania will be attending to pay their last respects to HW Bush.

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