Adrian Darya-1

Adrian Darya-1 Captain Turns Down US Bribe As It Continues On Its Course


Sources have confirmed that Brian Hook, head of the department’s Iran Action Group, under the instructions of US State Department had actually sent an email to the Indian origin Captain of the Adrian Darya-1 offering millions of dollars as compensation, if the captain agreed to dock the supertanker to a point where it could be easily seized by the US.

When Akhilesh Kumar ignored the mails, the United States issued The US then imposed sanctions on him before blacklisting the Adrian Darya-1 one day before.

The emails reportedly carried a state department phone number to make sure the captain – who took over the ship after it was impounded – did not think they was a fake mail. It is therefore no wonder that Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has gone to the social media tweeting and accusing the US of indulging in “outright bribery”.

Kumar now stands blacklisted from entering the United States. The ship was allowed safe exit from Gibraltar and is now confirmed to be moving to Syria, where Iran government has said, it has made a legitimate sale of their crude oil to be offloaded there.

On the other side of the offensive, the Trump administration had no plans to taking this retaliation without a give-back. It swiftly announced new sanctions on an Iranian shipping network used to sell oil, and offered $15m to anyone who could help to disrupt the system.

What had started as Iran going against the EU norms of International trade over waters, has become a petty fights between two nations. Strangely, Iran is now looking as if it is breaking rules on the surface, but continues to play a sly game of commercial gain as it supports terrorism laden nations like Syria. The US on the other hands, has its hands tied except use economic sanctions as a tactic to continue to throttle Iran, until one of them gives into the pressure.

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