Afghan Ambassador: UAE Efforts Are Driving Growth in Afghanistan

Afghan Ambassador: UAE Efforts Are Driving Growth in Afghanistan


The United Arab Emirates is one of the top donors of aid to Afghanistan. Additionally,
several humanitarian initiatives have been undertaken by the UAE to help Afghanistan in
reestablishing peace and improving prosperity, says Abdul Farid Zikria, Afghanistan
ambassador to the UAE.

The UAE is a strong supporter of the cause of the Afghans, not only in the peace process but
also the economic activities. In fact, the UAE is responsible for providing the financing a
variety of infrastructural projects in the nation. This includes a complex of 3,000 apartments
located in Kabul. That complex took $200 million to build and it was inaugurated just a few
months ago. The funding was provided by the Abu Dhabi Development Fund.


The United Arab Emirates has been for the past 16 years, among the top 10 when it comes
to donating to Afghanistan. They have created several schools, roads, and hospitals.
Additionally, the UAE supports the peace initiative of Afghanistan.


The Middle Eastern nation has also established a university, called Sheikh Zayed University,
which has been instrumental in dispensing higher education in Afghanistan. Afghans are
able to acquire essential expertise in a variety of fields as a result. It is also one of the
biggest universities in the country and has proved to be a boon for the students. Located in
the Khost province, the university also attracts students from other locations. Established in
2000, the university found a new campus back in 2008. Currently, it offers 9 faculties such
as medical science, computer science, and journalism.


Khost itself has become incredibly prosperous, primarily because of the foreign donations
from the Afghani expats living in the UAE. In fact, the commercial sector and the real estate
sector have boomed in recent years.

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