Al-Ghufran Tribe Continues to Raise Its Voice Against Qatar Atrocities


Atrocities and violation of Human Rights, is not something new to the Qatari regime. In the recent past, they have been known to have stripped a minority community of all civil rights as citizens.

These include families of the Ghufran community that have continued to suffer from identity crises with Qatar having stripped them of their citizenship, since 1996. The situation still remains the same and reiterates the onset 20 years ago, when they were stripped off any kind of human rights and left to fend for themselves. Having left stateless, the members of the Ghufran clan are now without access to work, basic amenities, health care, educational facilities etc.

The tribe had recently staged a protest in front of the United Nations in Geneva to denounce the crimes of the Qatari regime who has revoked their nationality, displaced and tortured members of the tribe.

The Al-Ghufran Tribe is one of the biggest tribes in Qatar.

The tribe representatives had cleared the air of any political agenda behind their protest. They have been known to have previously submitted a complaint to the Commissioner in 2017, asking the UN office to stop Qatari authorities’ continuous, systematic discrimination against them, and to protect the tribe’s members, restore their lost rights and to punish the Qatari regime for human rights violations.

The only one speaking in the favour of these people is Sheikh Sultan bin Suhaim who has tweeted his thoughts stating, that “The largest forced displacement in the world has been seen in Qatar after ‘Two Hamad regime’ expelled about 5,000 people from the tribe of al-Ghufran, when its population was 200,000 at the time, or 2.5% in total.”

“Injustice has been done by ‘Two Hamad regime’ against the rights of the dear al-Ghufran tribe, their deportation, and the revocation of their citizenship without any right,” he added.

Sheikh Sultan is Qatar’s leading opposition figure and is now being seen as one of the first to publicly oppose the ongoing atrocities on the Ghufran tribe, meted by the current ruling family led by Emir Tamim bin Hamad.

The atmosphere remains the same. Qatar has been excommunicated by several countries who do not want to keep relations with the former, over Doha openly supporting and financing terrorist groups and continue to use its bullying tactics in the internal affairs of neighboring countries.

Result is that, the common people are suffering the most. Here, the point in question is whether the plight of the al-Ghufran tribe will be heard and justice be handed to them.

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