Al Qaeda Is Growing Weaker In Yemen Thanks To the Efforts of the UAE

Al Qaeda Is Growing Weaker In Yemen Thanks To the Efforts of the UAE


The presence of Al Qaeda in the state of Yemen is at its weakest thanks to the counterterrorism operations and military training of the United Arab Emirates. The UAE is continuing to fight the terrorist group in the nation.

According to Dr Anwar Gargash, the UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, the fight against the terrorist outfit in Yemen is a representation of the UAE’s wider policy regarding the Middle East. The UAE does not look at this as just an issue in Yemen since the issue of terrorism is a massive problem not only in the Middle East but also the world at large.

That is why the UAE keeps working on the ground with the people Yemen to aid in the elimination of terrorist strongholds. However, the nation has limited its presence on the fight’s front lines. It has, instead, given the responsibility to the local military units which have been trained by the UAE.

As a member of the Arab Coalition, the UAE intervened on behalf of the Abdrabu Mansur Hadi’s internationally recognized government to fight the rebels, which have the backing of Iran.

Despite the gains made so far, the fact remains that the fight against Al Qaeda requires the support of the people of Yemen. According to Brig Gen Al Rashedi, the commander of the UAE special operation taskforce, it is not possible to win against Al Qaeda with raids, drones and violence. Instead, the only way to achieve victory is to win the minds and the hearts of the Yemeni people. This is the secret which can guarantee victory forever.

As such, the UAE has trained around 60,000 Yemeni soldiers with the Arab Coalition and the US. These fighters can bring tighter their local methods and knowledge with counterterrorism strategy to battle the infamous terrorist outfit.

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