Arab Coalition Is Making a Headway against Extremists in Yemen

Arab Coalition Is Making a Headway against Extremists in Yemen


Last month, the death of the Al-Qaeda’s master bomb maker was confirmed. Ibrahim al-Asiri was killed during an air-strike in Yemen. He was the mastermind behind the attacks carried out against the US and other international countries. He even planned to take down a US airliner the underwear bomb plot.

A former CIA acting director Michael Morell stated that the death of Al-Asiri is the most critical removal of a terrorist since Osama bin Laden was killed. It is considered as the latest success against the Al-Qaeda in Yemen. The operation was closely harmonized by military operation and intelligence of the UAE and the United States. The operation has eradicated around 2000 hardcore militants, enhanced security, and also helped in the development of humanitarian aid to the port city of Mukalla as well as for the different liberated areas.

Since 2012, AQAP’s strength has been reduced to the lowest level. Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) not only remains a threat to Yemen. Other threat is Iran and its terrorist group Hezbollah. Similar terrorist group, Houthis created a political and humanitarian crisis in Yemen. The Houthis dethroned the legitimate government of Yemen and captured the capital as well as many cities and the Red Sea Coast.

Iran has been providing weapons to the Houthi rebels. Within the Houthi arsenal, anti-ship missiles and remotely guided explosive boats, commercial oil tankers, rockets, ballistic missiles, etc are included.

As per the mandate from the United Nations, the UAE, a part of larger Arab coalition is making rapid advancement against the Houthis. Most part of Yemen has been already liberated.

The UAE forms the leader against the battle against extremism as well as aggression; whereas other nations are simply prolonging it. The US has toughened sanctions on Iran for interfering in the matters of Yemen and also in the Middle East. Qatar showed that it favors Islamic extremism. The UAE and the US are fighting together against the AQAP in Yemen. The priority of the coalition force is to end the war in Yemen. The UAE is supporting the efforts of the UN special envoy for Yemen. Even if there is a huge security risk as the Houthis are aggressive and relies on Iranian lifeline. However, the UAE along with the US is ready to crush the Al-Houthis.

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