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At the summit the USA and Israel demanded that Russia guarantee the withdrawal of Iranian forces from Lebanon and Iraq


At the trilateral meeting of the United States, the Russian Federation and Israel, held in June in Jerusalem, the American and Israeli sides insisted that Moscow guarantee the withdrawal of Iranian forces not only from Syria but also from Lebanon and Iraq, the Times of Israel newspaper reported on Wednesday.

So, according to Washington, Iran’s withdrawal from Syria will not mean anything if Tehran maintains a presence in Lebanon and Iraq.

The demand of the United States and Israel was seen as a condition for both parties to support a long-term peace agreement for Syria.

At the talks in Jerusalem, US national security adviser John Bolton and Israeli National Security Council head Meir Ben-Shabbat particularly pointed out the danger of Iran building enterprises to produce high-precision missiles for the Hezbollah movement, as well as the transfer of long-range missiles to the Shiite militia in Iraq capable of reaching Israel.

Representatives of the United States and Israel also stated that Russia, as the first step towards Iran, could guarantee the withdrawal of heavy Iranian weapons from Syria, including long-range missiles.

However, the reaction of the Russian side to the call of the United States and Israel is unknown, the newspaper notes.

On June 25, talks were held in Jerusalem between Bolton, Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev and Ben-Shabbat on Syria.

At that time, before negotiations with Patrushev, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that Israel “would never allow Iran to have military bases near our borders. And we (Israel – IF) will do everything in our power to have Iran there was no nuclear weapon. ” After the meeting in Jerusalem, Bolton described it as “historical.”


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