Bolivian flag shutters in the air

Bolivian Foreign Ministry recalls Ambassador to Cuba and UN Permanent Representative


Bolivian Ambassador to Cuba Ariana Campero and Permanent Representative of the Republic to the UN, Sasha Llorenti, were removed from their posts after they announced that they would not resign.  This was announced on Thursday by Foreign Minister Karen Longaric, appointed interim head of state Jeanine Agnes.

“We will immediately withdraw them from office,” Bolivian Foreign Minister stated. Longaric also summoned the Cuban ambassador to Bolivia due to reports that Cubans were rioting in the South American republic.

Earlier, the minister said she expects Llorenti and Campero to resign.  After that, the Bolivian ambassador to Cuba wrote on Twitter that “he did not resign and will not submit,” because he was appointed “constitutional president Evo Morales.”  “I will not resign, I was appointed by the constitutional president Evo Morales and the Multinational Legislative Assembly, elected by the people,” Campero wrote in turn, while calling “cabinet illegitimate,” appointed by Agnes, “illegal.”

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