Borish Johnson

Boris Johnson will be the new prime minister of Great Britain


Boris Johnson was elected the leader of the Conservative Party by a vote and will become the next British Prime Minister.

He will replace Teresa May as prime minister on Wednesday.

92 thousand 153 members of the Conservative Party voted for Johnson. His rival, Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt, scored 46,665 votes.

The new prime minister, who was previously British Foreign Secretary and Mayor of London, is likely to lead the new ministerial team.

British Finance Minister Philip Hammond confirmed on Sunday that he intends to leave his post if the country’s government is headed by Boris Johnson. Hammond explained that he did not agree with Johnson’s idea that the country’s withdrawal from the EU without an agreement with Brussels, which regulates further relations, is a viable option.

In addition to Hammond, several other members of the government can leave their posts.

Johnson, an active supporter of Brexit, promised to withdraw the UK from the bloc with or without an agreement by October 31.

According to many investors and economists, the “tough” Brexit without a deal will create a shock for global markets and lead the world’s fifth largest economy to recession.

The new prime minister has just 100 days to negotiate a new Brexit deal with the European Union, before the UK leaves the bloc in late October.

Johnson’s main goal is to abolish the backstop position – a safety plan that should guarantee a transparent border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, regardless of how future trade negotiations will develop between the UK and the EU.

This part of the Brexit deal displeased many British parliamentarians and was the main reason they rejected May’s plan. Brexit proponents claim that backstop will link the UK indefinitely with many EU laws.

The EU said it would not revise the Brexit deal concluded in November. Brussels insists the deal should include a backstop position.

Johnson will replace May as prime minister on Wednesday when he visits Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace and will be officially appointed to this position, writes Bloomberg. In the following hours, he is expected to appoint a new cabinet of ministers, after which he will speak in parliament with a speech about his plans for Brexit on Thursday.


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