Britain and France intend to increase the contingent in Syria after the withdrawal of US troops


Britain and France agreed to send an additional contingent to Syria to partially replace the US military.

According to the magazine, France and the United Kingdom intend to increase the number of troops by 10-15%. In addition, small contingents can send the Balkan countries and the Baltic countries. The decision to send troops will also soon be taken by Italy.

Sources of the magazine in the administration of US President Donald Trump did not name specific dates and the exact number of troops, noting that they were “disappointed” with the course of negotiations with the allies on this issue.

Currently, the United Kingdom and France have special forces units in Syria that carry out covert operations. This means that the official announcement of an increase in the contingent from their side is unlikely, explains the magazine. The British Embassy in the United States declined to comment. In the French embassy noted that “officially France has no ground forces in Syria.”

On Monday, spokesman for the German Cabinet of Ministers, Steffen Seibert, said in response to a call by the US to send ground troops to Syria, that Germany’s contribution to the fight against the Islamic State terrorist organization (IG, banned in Russia) is limited to air operations and training tasks for Iraqi troops. Italian Foreign Minister Enzo MoaveroMilanesi, in turn, noted that the Italian government did not receive any official requests from the United States.

December 19, 2018 Trump announced the decision to begin the withdrawal of troops from Syria. This was supposed to happen within 100 days. On February 10, the head of the Central Command of the US Armed Forces, General Joseph Votel, said that the withdrawal could begin in the coming weeks, but the situation would be a decisive factor. Subsequently, the highest ranks of the Pentagon, according to publications in the press, actually persuaded the American leader to reconsider the initial decision and leave part of the US forces in Syria.


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