Cabinet Meeting Could Not Help Trump and Senators to End Shutdown


On Wednesday, US President Donald Trump held his first Cabinet meeting of the year. During the meeting he presented a grim preview of what top legislators were supposed to confront later during the day, when they would be visiting White House for a briefing on border security.

However, Trump and congressional leaders failed to find a solution, for the partial government shutdown that entered second week, as Trump declined to move away from his demand of funding billions of dollars for the proposed wall that he pledged to his supporters.

On Wednesday, Democrats as well as Republican leaders from both chambers were invited to the White House’s Situation Room, which is the inner sanctum designated for confidential meetings. During the meeting Trump urged Department of Homeland Security officers to “make an appeal” for building the wall on southern US-Mexico border as he had promised to his supporters.

The cabinet meeting which preceded the briefing, where Trump cautioned that parts of the government would remain closed for a longer time without reaching a deal.

With the president denying signing spending bills for half a dozen federal agencies till Congress provided an extra $5 billion for building a 2000 mile border wall prompted the closedown. The closedown that reached its 12th day on Wednesday, has stirred around 800,000 federal workers.

However, Democrats till date refused to vote in favor of the funding for Trump’s proposed wall. Basically, Democrats are planning to introduce a pair of funding bills that would bring an end to the close down; however, without financing for the border wall. The suggestion comprises of $1.3bn for border security steps, which can be used to repair and replace fencing and existing portions of the wall.

After the meeting, the majority leader of the Senate stated that it might take weeks to break the deadlock. Thus, Wednesday’s meeting couldn’t reach any solution. Hence, everyone is looking forward to a solution that can be reached in the coming weeks.

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