Canada and Russia are both meeting at the Arctic

Canada Determined To Bring Kremlin On Level Footing In Arctic Talks


Canada and Russia are both meetings at the Arctic. There is a positive impact of the Trudeau administration on this. While, back home, his turf is being threatened over family involvement and influenced decision making, his influence is great over his new Arctic policy.

Like Canada, Russia also did release a new Arctic Policy in 2020. It comprehensibly put-downs the plans Russia has in the Arctic till 2035. As the largest Arctic power, Russia is seriously interested in the natural resources that the Arctic has to offer. It is primarily looking at gas reserves and new transport and transit route emerging in the Northern Sea due to melting polar ice.

Some might believe that it’s already spread control over the Arctic would threaten Canada’s sovereignty. On the contrary, Russia is looking at larger cooperation with Canada in the Arctic region.

Strangely, Russia does not mention Canada in its new policy. But while signing it in March 2020, Putin did say talk about wider cooperation with Canada. His words also spoke of ‘sustainable development’ something that is usually never on Kremlin’s priority list.

Canada on its part has wanted to punish Russia for its various transgressions when it comes to Ukraine. But, somehow, both countries still hold equal status when it comes to the Arctic Council. This is the only place, where it seems both nations that are rather heated up against each other for various obvious reasons can see eye-to-eye in this collaboration.

There is no room for heat here.  While the previous Canadian governments have been harsh on their sanctions against the dictatorial Putin, Justin Trudeau is using a more dialogue-driven approach for the larger good of both nations and the Arctic’s future.  It is therefore undeniable that both nations are trying to develop a cordial partnership outside their circle of conflict.

The new Canadian Arctic policy was already out in 2019. Unlike the earlier policy, Trudeau will continue to push for development and peace driven movement which benefits the Northern communities too.  His new policy speaks about “rules-based international order in the Arctic” and a renewed leadership from Canada as well as “the representation and participation of Arctic and northern Canadians in relevant international forums and negotiations.”

Both countries have their own agendas in place. But Canada is using a two-pronged approach in the order it can find a reliable developmental partner in Kremlin, for a change.

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