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Canadian Foreign Ministry calls on all parties in Iraq to end violence and start the dialogue


Canada condemns the ongoing unrest in Iraq and calls on all parties to refrain from violence.  This was said on Thursday in a statement by the Canadian Foreign Ministry.

“Canada strongly condemns the escalation of violence in Iraq, which led to the deaths of hundreds of protesters and thousands of injured. We urge all parties to exercise restraint and refrain from violence,” the agency said.

The Foreign Ministry added that the people of Iraq have the right to freedom of expression, and called on the parties to start a dialogue “for the sake of promoting political and economic reforms that will provide a better future for all Iraqis.”

Protests in Iraq have not stopped since the beginning of October, when people began to take to the streets, dissatisfied with worsening living conditions, high youth unemployment and corruption.  Almost everywhere, demonstrations are accompanied by violence and unrest.  Protesters demand the resignation of the government and the holding of early parliamentary elections.  During the riots, more than 350 people died, more than 15 thousand were injured.

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