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Canadian Prime Minister “extremely concerned” about the situation in Hong Kong


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is “extremely concerned” about the situation in Chinese Hong Kong.

We call for peace, order, dialogue … We urge China to act very carefully and very respectfully in dealing with people who defend their legitimate interests, ”Trudeau said during a press conference in Toronto.

Trudeau noted that the Canadian government “wants to see” how the Hong Kong and Chinese authorities “heed the concerns” of their citizens.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recommended that the Chinese authorities “very carefully” deal with the protests in Hong Kong.

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According to him, Ottawa will continue to monitor developments and will protect the interests of Canada and Canadian citizens in the region.

On August 12, all flights were canceled due to protesters entering Hong Kong Airport. The landing was allowed only to those aircraft that were already in flight.

Mass demonstrations began in Hong Kong on June 9th. Demonstrators oppose amendments to the law on extradition. If approved by Parliament, Hong Kong will be able to extradite suspects to jurisdictions with which it does not have an extradition agreement, including Taiwan, Macau and mainland China.

Protesters fear that the amendments will apply to activists who disagree with Beijing’s policies.

Because of the rallies, the Hong Kong parliament has postponed consideration of amendments to the extradition law.



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