During Charity Event Polish Mayor Gets Stabbed on Stage, in a Very Critical Condition


Pawel Adamowicz, the mayor of the northern Polish city of Gdansk was stabbed on stage by a man on Sunday evening. Pawel was attending the finale of a large charity event ‘Lights to Heaven’ and it has been reported that Pawel’s condition to be very critical. The attack is being regarded as an assassination attempt; however, if the attack has any political motive or not is being deeply inspected.

Gdansk Mayor Pawel Adamowicz was assaulted with a knife while he was on the stage. The Mayor was stabbed in the abdomen and after the attack he fainted down while holding his belly. The Light to Heaven fundraiser event arranged by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Party is regarded to the most crucial charity of Poland.

Polish President Andrzej Duda stated that he was notified that the doctors were successful in restoring the critically injured Mayor Pawel Adamowicz. Even though the doctors are very hopeful about Pawel’s recovery; still, Pawel’s condition remains critical. Andrzej requested the people to pray for Pawel’s quick recovery.

Polish media aired reports that the alleged attacker Stefan W shouted from the stage that he was detained during the previous national government by Civic Platform and mayor Pawel belonged to that party. The attacker shouted that he was detained even after being innocent. Hence, as under the Civic Platform he was tortured to a great extent i.e. he killed Mayor Adamowicz. Later on, the attacker was arrested.

As per police reports, Stefan holds a criminal record of violent crime. He had carried out bank robberies in the past.

Pawel was stabbed in the area of his heart; however, the extent of the injury was not mentioned. Some TV footage revealed Adamowicz was on stage with a sparkler in hand just before the attack and was telling the audience that it had been a great day. At this time, the attacker approached Pawel and attacked him.

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