Huawei chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou

China accuses US of using detained Huawei CFO as a bargaining chip in trade dispute


On Thursday, the lawyers of Huawei chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, filed a plea in Canadian court, demanding stay on the extraction of Chinese technology giant’s executive to the US. It was the second time Meng’s lawyers demanded stay on her extradition after her first plea to halt proceedings failed in May. The application was filed to emphasise how the US authorities were influencing Canadian judicial system to get Meng moved under US’ custody. China accused US authorities of using the detained executed “as a bargaining chip in a trade dispute.”

Meng’s legal team highlighted how she has become centre point of abuse amid worsening US-China ties. Meng, who was detained by the Canadian government on the US request in December 2018, was arrested on the suspicion of violating US sanctions imposed on Iran. US authorities accused her of committing a fraud, which her lawyers contested by submitting documents. He legal team allegedly about the removal of those documents from the US records of the case, as well as submitted details of her emails between Huawei and HSBC as proof that Huawei’s CFO did not commit any fraud, or violate any embargo imposed by US.

According the China state-run newspaper, the Globe, Meng’s lawyers said that the court proceedings of her case “have been poisoned” and “can no longer be reasonably regarded as fair, regardless of the undoubted good faith of the court.” They also accused Washington of distorting facts, misleading Canada and selectively presenting evidence against her.

Meng’s detention led to souring of ties between China and Canada as a week after her arrest, two Canadian Michael Kovrig, and Michael Spavor, were held in China on espionage charges. Besides, China also halted all the agricultural imports from Canada, leaving latter with billions of loss. The relations between the two got further tensed as earlier this month Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau right away rejected China’s proposal about the exchange of the two for Meng’s release and withdrew its extradition treaty with Hong Kong, along with publicly slamming China’s new national security law. In this divided world between two of the biggest economies Canada clearly has chosen team US.

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