China Announces the Detention of Second Canadian for Harming State Security


According to recent news sources, China detained a second Canadian businessman Michael Spavor in charges of breaching China’s security.  Previously another Canadian Diplomat by the name of Michael Kovrig was detained and held back in Beijing for the same purpose.

The Chinese state security bureau had previously been investigating Spavor since the last few days and reportedly found him guilty on the charges of harming national security. Lu Kang, Chinese Foreign Minister stated that both Kovrig and Spavor had given out state media announcements and had breached national security. Till now, as the investigation is going on, their legal rights are being safeguarded and Canada was notified of the ongoing detention and investigation.

Now, with the string of events, speculations have risen stating that the arrests of the 2 Canadian diplomats are retaliation by China who was infuriated with the arrest of Meng Wanzhou the CEO of Huawei Technologies. Canada suspected Meng of breaching security protocols and now China is doing the same.

Now, while officials claim otherwise, certain Canadian diplomats feel that the two cases are linked. China retaliates by saying that if it welcomed foreigners on its land then they should have obeyed the rules. If the diplomats played by China’s rules then such actions were unnecessary.

Nevertheless, even with China’s denial, the question arises will releasing Meng make China let go of the two detained Canadians. Or, will the action of China worsen the relation between the two counties once more?

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