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China displeased with Hong Kong Human Rights Act


China strongly opposes the signing by the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, of the so-called Hong Kong Democracy and Human Rights Act, and considers such behavior to be pure hegemony.  This is stated in a statement issued on Thursday by the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

“The signing by the American side of the so-called Hong Kong Democracy and Human Rights Act is a serious interference with Hong Kong’s affairs and the internal affairs of China, a serious violation of international law and basic rules of international relations, as well as undisguised hegemony. The Chinese government and people express their strong protest.”  , – is indicated in the document.

The statement said that the American side “neglects the facts, gives white to black, cripples innocent citizens, violates the rule of law.”  As emphasized, the main goal of the United States is to “undermine prosperity and stability in Hong Kong, as well as the principle of” one country – two systems. ”

“We want to inform the American side that Hong Kong’s affairs are China’s internal affairs and that no foreign government or external forces have the right to intervene. This bill will only make the people of China and their compatriots in Hong Kong more aware of the sinister intentions and hegemony of the United States.  parties are doomed to failure, “the document says.

The statement emphasizes that “the determination of the Chinese government to resist any interference by external forces in Hong Kong’s affairs and its commitment to the principle of“ one country, two systems are “unshakable.”  “We urge the US side not to be stubborn, otherwise the Chinese side will certainly take countermeasures. And the United States will bear all the responsibility for this,” the Foreign Ministry said.

On Wednesday, the US president signed the so-called Hong Kong Democracy and Human Rights Act.  The legislative initiative, approved earlier by both houses of the US Congress, requires the US administration to regularly report to lawmakers on the situation in this special administrative region of the PRC and provides for the possibility of imposing sanctions on persons who, in Washington’s opinion, are responsible for violating human rights there.  In addition, the American leader signed a law prohibiting the export of specialized police equipment from the United States to Hong Kong, aimed at ensuring that US special equipment for dispersing demonstrators is not used by local law enforcement agencies.

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