China flag shutters in the air

China prosecuted the first foreigner for riots in Hong Kong


The State Security Administration of the Chinese city of Guangzhou (southern province of Guangdong) has transferred to the local public prosecutor’s office the case of Belize citizen Lee Hanley, who was accused of sponsoring anti-government riots in Hong Kong last year.

He was the first foreigner to be held accountable by the Chinese authorities for supporting unrest in this special administrative region of China.

A businessman from Belize, Lee Hanley, was detained by the PRC law enforcement authorities on November 26 in Guangzhou.  He is charged with long-term sponsorship of hostile elements in America, as well as supporting riots in Hong Kong that threaten China’s national security.

In June 2019, riots broke out in Hong Kong against the intention of local authorities to pass an extradition bill that would allow extradition of offenders to mainland China.  Despite the recall of this legislative initiative, opposition supporters continued anti-government protests, which were accompanied by blocking roads, violence, arson and acts of vandalism.  In total, the police detained 7.6 thousand participants in the riots.  From mid-November, the situation in the city returned to normal, rallies began to decline and began to take place in a peaceful manner.


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