China Wants to Increase Military Presence in Africa


For many years, China’s focus is focused in commercial, economic and peacekeeping activities. At present, Beijing is developing on that and is planning to establish greater military links in order to protect the national assets on the continent and enjoy greater geopolitical influence.

The People’s Liberation Army carries out regular joint training exercises across the area and China is quite active in the countries which are home to major Chinese infrastructure projects under the Belt and Road initiative. In Djibouti the Chinese companies have developed strategic ports and the first electric transnational railway. Last year, Beijing had formally launched its first overseas military base which also operates as an intelligence and logistics facility. Many experts are expecting numerous Chinese bases in the years and Namibia is considered to be a potential location.

In Tanzania, China Merchants Holdings International hopes to invest in the Bagamoyo mega port. China had built a complex designed structure in order to train the local armed forces. The communist state has announced that it would provide the African countries with comprehensive support in matters like piracy and counter-terrorism. It also includes providing equipment, technologies, strategic advice and personnel.

It is expected America would reduce troops in Africa because American President Donald Trump believes in the “America First” policy which would boost the government of the Chinese President.  Luke Patey, senior researcher at the Danish Institute for International Studies stated that the Chinese arms sales to Africa have exceeded that of the United States. The Chinese small arms and light weapons have spread rapidly. The government is trying to safeguard the Chinese workers and the projects which are funded by the government.

Netherlands Institute of International Relations reported that the Chinese security concerns are aimed at its own nationals and the military policy are framed to protect them and their interests.

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