China Wishes Britain to Respect South China Sea Sovereignty


A top diplomat from the Chinese government mentioned to Britain’s foreign minister that China expects that Britain should stand on its point of not taking sides in the South China Sea. Moreover, it should solemnly respect China’s domination and territorial integrity.

Beijing conveyed its anger after a British Royal Navy warship drifted close to islands which is held by China in the South China Sea last month. It also commented that Britain was preoccupied with provocation and Beijing has lodged a complaint on this matter.

China also stated that their ties with Britain are at risk after the naval operation conducted by Britain. On the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly session, Chinese State Councilor Wang Yi met British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt on 24th September (Monday). China’s Foreign Ministry on 25th September hinted on China’s rigid position on the South China Sea.

At the same time, China wishes that Britain should truly enforce its position and should not take sides in the issue of the South China Sea. Moreover, it should try to respect the sovereignty of China and territorial integrity. Britain shouldn’t do anything that might disturb the mutual trust among the nations.

China and Britain on many matters have discussed the golden era of relations. The nations conceded last month to look at the likelihood of reaching a top-level post Brexit free trade deal which pledges an important political win for the conservative party of the British government.

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