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China’s Belt and Road Initiative consistent with Saudi Vision 2030 reform plan, says Chinese envoy 


Chinese Ambassador Chen Weiqing stated his country’s Belt and Road Initiative is consistent with the Saudi Vision 2030 reform plan, and he praised communication between the 2 countries.

“China and the Kingdom are among the leading forces of dialogue among civilizations,” Chen said at the time of iftar at his home.

“We join our two countries in promoting security and stability in the region, and the whole world, through dialogue among civilizations. We strive for the integrated aspiration of mankind.”

Chen, who was appointed an ambassador to Saudi Arabia This month, said: “Cooperation between China and the Kingdom enjoys the characteristics of strategy, harmony and mutual benefit .”

The Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation was kept in Beijing last month, and a Saudi delegation attended.

It was an opportunity for countries to pitch for investment in a huge infrastructure project aimed toward connecting China with the rest of the world.

“Saudi Arabia has applied economic and social reforms over the past few years, and has made significant progress toward achieving its goals,” Chen said.


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