Chinese Foreign Minister Visits Japan

Chinese Foreign Minister Visits Japan


The Foreign Minister of China, Wang Yi will be visiting Japan for three days, his visit will start from 15th April. The visit is aimed to warm up the bilateral ties between China and Japan. Both the countries are gearing up for high-level diplomatic exchanges which are scheduled for the month of May.

The bilateral ties between China and Japan which have remained stagnant for a long time now will be revived as Chinese Premier Li Keqiang will be visiting Japan for the first time. The visit of Li is scheduled for the next month. The China-Japan-South Korea summit will be attended by Li. The summit was suspended since 2015. There are speculations going on that, Chinese president Jinping Xi might be meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The relations between China and Japan have been malignant due to the territorial dispute over the Diaoyu Islands in the East China Sea which is also known as the Senkaku Islands in Japan. The dispute intensified as Japan claimed its control over the islands in September 2012.

Tensions between the two countries began to ease last year when the prime minister of Japan showed his interest to visit China. Abe invited Li and Xi to visit Japan.In January 2018, the foreign minister of Japan, Taro Kono visited Beijing during the National People’s Congress which is the largest political event in China. There was news that Taro might attend the trilateral summit as well.

The first trilateral summit between China, Japan, and South Korea was first held in 2008, but as relations between the three countries became bitter, the summits were never organized after that year. Wang will be visiting Japan for the second time in a span of two years will be heading the bilateral high-level economic dialogue along with Kono.

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