Cuban Foreign Ministry called Bolton the most serious threat to the world


Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said adviser to the US president on national security, John Bolton, the most serious threat to the world.

“The influence of the US National Security Advisor to the President is the most serious threat to peace and international security. In our hemisphere, calling for the Monroe Doctrine is an attack on the sovereignty of all and on the free self-determination of peoples,” Rodrigues wrote in his microblog on Twitter

Bolton is known as a consistent opponent of the current left governments of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua and a supporter of the most stringent measures against them.

The United States has traditionally viewed South America as a zone of its exclusive interests based on the doctrine of President James Monroe (“America for Americans”) proclaimed in 1823. The doctrine implies the non-interference of countries from other regions in the affairs of American states. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was supplemented with the thesis that the United States should deal with resolving conflicts in Latin America, including with the help of military force (the “big stick policy”). During the Cold War years, this ideology was used to combat Soviet influence and the spread of socialism in Cuba and in other countries of the region.

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