Cyprus blasts pirate state Turkey’s new illegal gas drilling bid

Cyprus blocks EU sanctions against several Russian officials in Crimea


Cyprus refuses to vote for the introduction of EU sanctions against Russian officials for the active integration of Crimea into the Russian Federation. In this way Nicosia intends to achieve the adoption in the EU of restrictions on individuals and legal entities in Turkey responsible for geological exploration on the shelf of Cyprus.

The official representative of the Cypriot Ministry of Foreign Affairs Demetris Samuel, Cyprus declares the need for an additional review of the measures proposed by the European Union against Russian officials and denies the connection between blocking sanctions against Russia and the introduction of restrictions on Turkey for exploration.

The EU has agreed to impose additional sanctions on officials of the Russian Federation associated with the Crimea, but their final approval requires the consent of 28 countries – members of the union.  Cyprus has blocked the adoption of restriction at a technical level, the source concluded Reuters.  In the EU, an unnamed diplomat said, they are surprised by the position of Cyprus, which “in recent months has shown solidarity with EU partners” (in a dispute with Turkey).

Poland and Germany were taking steps to convince Nicosia not to prevent the adoption of additional sanctions against Russian officials.  “The Cypriots need sanctions against Turkey for exploration, and they are upset that this restriction takes time,” the diplomat explained. “Therefore, they intervene in the adoption of the sanctions list in Crimea.”

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