British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in London, UK.

Decisive day for Brexit: British Parliament intends to vote


On Saturday, October 19, at an extraordinary meeting of the British Parliament, a vote will be held that can determine the procedure for Britain to exit the European Union.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will try to get approval from the parliament for the treaty he concluded in Brussels on Thursday.

At the same time, hundreds of thousands of people must come to parliament, demanding a new referendum on EU membership.

Johnson presented the parliamentary vote as the last chance to secure an orderly Brexit. Although he is required by law to seek a deferral of Brexit if his deal fails, Johnson said the UK will come out on October 31st. He did not explain how to do this.

In the “Super Saturday”, as the current parliamentary meeting was called, Johnson must enlist the support of 320 lawmakers, but his opponents are preparing for him the maximum political damage before the impending elections.

If Johnson fails, he will face the unraveling of Brexit after repeatedly promising that he will withdraw the country from the EU and he will “do it or die” on October 31.

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