Denmark Urges for Fresh Sanctions on Iran over Assassination Plot

Denmark Urges for Fresh Sanctions on Iran over Assassination Plot


Denmark has called back its ambassador from Tehran and also demanded for fresh EU sanctions against Iran. Denmark came up with this decision after Denmark’s security services charged Iranian intelligence of planning an assassination on Danish soil.

According to the Danish intelligence chief, Finn Borch Andersen, the supposed murder plot was aimed towards the exiled leader of the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahvaz (ASMLA). ASMLA is a separatist group that has been carrying out attacks in Iran. Andersen stated that they can’t allow such acts on Danish soil to continue.

A Norwegian national of Iranian background has been detained in Sweden and has been send to Denmark for having connection with the foiled assault. The announcement came at a time when Tehran is jostling to gain European support before the US re-enforces tough sanctions for the nation. The European Union, India, Russia, and China have devised a plan to dodge the unilateral US sanctions.

However, a spokesman from Iran’s foreign ministry dismissed the accusations. He added that enemies are plotting so that Iran’s relation with the Europe deteriorates. Andersen disclosed that a massive search operation lead to the closing off Copenhagen from the rest of Denmark. Fearing an impending attack, Danish authorities immediately shut down a bridge that linked Denmark and Sweden. Also the Great Belt Bridge linking the islands of Zealand and Funen was closed down.

Danish Foreign Minister stated that the thwarted attack was not at all acceptable and the Danish government would reply back Iran. He added that he is in talks with other European partners.

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