Diplomatic Meeting with North Korea Cancelled by Trump


The President of the United States Donald Trump had cancelled the scheduled summit with the North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un. Trump had stated that he had taken such a decision because of a threatening statement which was made by North Korea and he had also stated that the US military was ready for war, if necessary. The sudden decision by Trump had deeply surprised the allies of the United States and the decision had come after a series of hurtful statements made by both the countries.

North Korea had stated that President had tried his level best to conduct the summit with the President of America and was willing to solve the issues with the United States. Kim Kye Gwan, vice foreign minister of North Korea had stated that they were ready to resolve the problems with the United States at any point of time.

The United States was becoming concerned regarding North Korea’s lack of interest in the discussions regarding the historic meeting of Kim and Trump. The meeting was scheduled to take place on 12th June in Singapore and North Korea was showing no interest in planning the event.

A White House official had stated that some of the preliminary work related to the meeting had to be halted because the North Korean officials had not taken the calls. In the formal letter that was released by the White House addressing Kim, President Trump had stated that he was eager to meet the North Korean leader Kim. He had also stated that the anger and open hostility which was portrayed by North Korea had forced Trump to consider the meeting. The letter also stated that President Trump considered the time to be inappropriate to conduct the meeting with Kim.

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