Abudullah Ali Al-Ansari

Diplomats Cannot Use Immunity Excuse Anymore

Legal experts have claimed that diplomats cannot hide their vile behavior anymore by claiming diplomatic immunity. This took place after a Qatari diplomat withdrew his defense. The diplomat has been accused of racially abusing his driver with terms such as ‘black slave’.

The diplomat in question is Abudullah Ali Al-Ansari who is employed at the Qatari embassy located in London. He made his legal team withdraw from this case immediately. This took place after just a single day of proceedings in which evidence was given at the Central London Employment Tribunal. The embassy of Qatar claimed that the legal proceedings were not compatible with the privileges and dignity of the diplomatic personnel.

The legal case was launched by the former driver of the diplomat who also served as the night security officer of the embassy. The driver was subjected, over the years, to physical as well as mental abuse. He was the target of racial abuse as well. It has also been revealed that the diplomat had tried to bribe the driver into withdrawing the legal case.