Donald Trump Requests Large Down Payment on the Border Wall As Senate Tries To Reach A Deal

Donald Trump Requests Large Down Payment on the Border Wall As Senate Tries To Reach A Deal


The White House pressed for a large down payment on US President Donald Trump’s suggested border wall during Thursday’s voting, as a part of a possible compromise to reopen the government for three weeks.

After the Senate dismissed two suggestions to end the fragmentary closedown of the US government, which entered in its 34th day, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell along with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer came together in order to reach a solution. Many Senators from both parties vouched their support for an ongoing proposal to finance the government for three weeks, as real discussions among the two groups started to take shape for the first time since the closedown started

While speaking to reporters, the Senator stated that President Trump would be supporting the deal that the Senate reached in case the agreement seems to be reasonable enough. Earlier Trump supported the possible agreement only with some terms and conditions. As per a press statement from the white house Senator Mitch McConnell and Senator Chuck Schumer would be meeting in order to see if they find a solution regarding the stalemate. It was made apparent to Senator Lindsay that the 3 week financing of the government would only function if there is a huge down payment on the border wall.

Although the legislators tried to reach a deal, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi expressed objection to the terms laid down by President Donald Trump. She informed reporters that an agreement which includes money for the border wall isn’t a rational agreement among the Senators.

Financing for nine U.S. departments dropped on 22nd December as Trump urged $5.7 billion to construct the border wall and Democrats denied Trump’s request. Although, Sanders didn’t specify any fixed amount of financing the president is looking for or whether he still wants $5.7 billion.

Even the discussion hints an improvement in discourse: Negotiations imperatively came to a stop after Trump stormed out of a meeting with Schumer and Pelosi on 9th January.

Trump cited that he has other options which he can use to build the wall. He has previously warned to announce a national exigency if he cannot get the approval of Congress financing for the project. The White House is purportedly getting ready for a draft emergency announcement.

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