Therasa May and Trump

Donald Trump says he ‘feels bad’ for Theresa May despite criticizing her over Brexit 


President Donald Trump says he “feels bad” for Theresa May despite frequently criticizing her over Brexit.

Mr Trump, who will go to the UK before Mrs May officially steps down in 7 June, paid tribute to the leaving prime minister while in a tour of the White House garden.

In spite of taking previously aim at Mrs May for her managing of Brexit, he told reporters: “I feel bad for Theresa. I like her very much. She’s a good woman.

However, Mr Trump had in the past fired several warning shots at Mrs May, saying her Brexit deal could make trade difficult between the US and UK.

He said: “I’m surprised at how badly it’s all gone from the standpoint of a negotiation. I gave the prime minister my ideas on how to negotiate it and I think you would have been successful.

“It’s for the good of her country. But I like her very much. In fact, I’ll be seeing her in two weeks.”

Buckingham Palace unveiled the full schedule for his tour of the UK, holding many meetings with Mrs May as well as showing up at the state banquet hosted by the Queen on 3 June.


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