Donald Trump Thought of Withdrawing the US from NATO


Russian President Vladimir V Putin of Russia craved for crippling the NATO military alliance. After all, the military alliance formed among the United States, Canada, and Europe had prohibited the encroachment of Soviet and Russia for 70 years. However, the most shocking news that came forward is that US President Donald Trump proposed a move that’s equivalent to ruining NATO. It suggested of pulling out the US from the NATO alliance.

Senior administrative officials informed a leading daily that on several instances all throughout 2018. Mr. Trump secretly stated that he wished to pull out the US from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Current and former officials who offered their backing towards the alliance stated that they are worried that Mr. Trump could return to his ultimatum as the military spending of the other parties to the alliance are still lagging far behind the goals which the president had set. During the NATO summit last year, US President Trump informed his top national security official that there’s no point in keeping the military alliance, as its becoming taxing for the US.

However, the president’s time and again expressed his wish to pull out the US from the NATO has become a thing of concern for national security officials. There is also a growing worry over Trump’s attempt to keep his meeting with Russian counterpart a secret from even his own aides.

Michèle A. Flournoy, an Undersecretary of Defense under President Barack Obama stated the act of pulling out US from the alliance which is in effect from 1949 would be a dangerous thing for the US interests. She further added that this move would crush more than 70 years of strenuous work across numerous administrations, Republican and Democratic, in order to set up the most powerful and profitable alliance in history.

However, senior officials of Trump administration stated that they are taking great efforts to maintain the military alliance. They stated that the US’s commitment towards NATO being a strong and crucial one. He added that for Russia, the very idea of the US leaving the NATO can be interesting. However, the US won’t let that happen.

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