Doomsday Clock Can Improve the Nuclear Relations between Countries


The “Doomsday Clock” which is used to measure the health and safety of the planet like nuclear threats, climate change and other global threats, has moved 30 seconds ahead. It is now reflecting that the world is close to metaphorical midnight or the “point of annihilation”. It is the closest it has been to that point since the 1953 Cold War.

The movement of the doomsday clock is creating a tension among the people of United States. They are predicting that there will be a rise in the nuclear tensions between them and Korea. This is for the second time that the doomsday clock has been moved forward 30 seconds. It did not move at all in the year 2016. It has broken all the records that were set last year for being closest to “midnight”.

As for the climate change measurement, there has been an increase of global carbon dioxide emissions at an extreme rate. The emissions can continue to rise which can create a problem in meeting the challenge of reducing it. Situation is becoming worse with other climatic devastations like the hurricanes, extreme heat waves and the melting of Arctic ice cap.

The Government and the public should talk and discuss about the important issues that are happening in and around the world by seeing the alteration in the doomsday clock.

According to the nonprofit Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, founded by Manhattan Project Scientists in 1945 has said that the metaphorical clock has moved ahead because of the decline of US leadership and the death of diplomacy under Trump. Scientists are expecting more possibility of a nuclear war between Korea and United States for the “hyperbolic rhetoric and provocative actions” by Korea. The terrible relations between US President Donald Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un are apparently the reasons for the change in the doomsday clock. The world security situation is becoming worse as the international diplomacy has reduced to name-calling. This is giving an unrealistic situation and even more threatening to the world. Since World War II the world security has become dangerous as there have been increased nuclear tensions between the countries.

The change in the doomsday clock related to climatic changes or nuclear relations between the countries can be treated as a warning for the world and not a forecast.

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