DPRK engaged in the development of weapons for the destruction of the F-35


North Korea is developing special weapons to counter fifth-generation F-35A fighter-bombers, which South Korea buys from the United States, the head of the research department of the American Studies Institute at the DPRK MFA said in a statement.

“Undoubtedly, the purchase of an F-35A fighter, or the so-called invisible destruction weapon, is aimed at providing a military advantage over the surrounding countries in the region and, in particular, creating ways to attack the North in the event of an emergency on the Korean Peninsula,” a North Korean diplomat said.

“Thus, the South Korean authorities have comprehensively challenged the military agreement aimed at implementing the Panmunjom Declaration, which says that the build-up of armed forces against each other should be stopped. We have no choice but to develop and test special weapons aimed at the destruction of deadly weapons deployed in South Korea,” it says.

About the development of what kind of weapons in question, not specified. Kyodo believes that, most likely, the DPRK means tactical missiles.

The first F-35A fighter bomber was transferred to the South Korean Air Force in late March. Until the end of this year, a total of six such vehicles will be supplied, and the entire contract provides for the purchase of 40 fighters by 2021.


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