UK early elections held on december

Early elections in the UK will be held on December 12


The House of Commons of Great Britain approved the holding of early parliamentary elections on December 12.  The bill of the prime minister of the country Boris Johnson was supported by 438 deputies, 20 deputies opposed.  Mr. Johnson said that he has no choice but to dissolve this parliament.

“There is only one way to leave the EU in the face of this ruthless parliamentary obstructionism – to renew this parliament and give people a choice,” the prime minister said.  In accordance with the law, from November 6, the parliament will be dissolved, the election campaign will begin.

Earlier, the leader of the Labor Party, Jeremy Corbin, supported the holding of early parliamentary elections.  According to him, the party took such a step after its condition on exclusion from the EU without a deal was fulfilled.

Mr. Johnson asked the House of Commons to support the December 12 general elections.  In return, the British prime minister was ready to give Parliament extra time to discuss his version of the Brexit treaty.  After his proposal was rejected, he introduced the corresponding brief bill, which required a simple majority to pass.

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