Eiffel Tower Museums to Shut Down as Yellow Vests Protest Intensity

Recent reports claim that Paris’s Eiffel tower will remain closed this upcoming Saturday in fear of yellow vests intensifying their protests to get rid of President Emmanuel Macron.

As per police reports, numerous restaurants and shops on the Champs-Elysees are also instructed to remain close. That’s not all, fear of the yellow vests have also compelled numerous museums in France to remain closed until the street violence dies down in France.

The announcement from these museums came consequently to the reports of more than 200 French schools closing down due to the excessive protests held by students who rallied and bullied.

Expecting the surge of violence this upcoming Saturday the French ministry told papers that they are ready for this. In fact, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe also informed senators that he employed nearly 65,000 police scattered across France to tackle street violence. Even shops and iconic venues were told to keep out furniture and other prized possessions out of the vicinity as troubles can escalate on Saturday.