Emirati Hope Maker: Al Falassi and his familly win the first place

Emirati Hope Maker: Al Falassi and his familly win the first place


The winners of the ” Hope Makers ” 2020 award, an initiative launched by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President of the UAE and Prime Minister and Ruler of the Emirate of Dubai to honor the bidders, were announced in Dubai Thursday evening, the first place for this Emirati year has been won by Ahmed Al-Naser Al-Falasi and his family.

In the details of the news, Al Falasi and his family won first place for their humanitarian work in helping those in need, especially patients with insufficiency and kidney failure, in the state of Kenya. “The starting point was from Kenya by chance where I was visiting, and after a lunch invitation we went to the Coast General Hospital in Mombasa,” he said.

It is a large government hospital that serves large numbers of people from the region, and there I witnessed what is difficult to describe, so I decided to help them and started working with my family on our personal income and effort only. ”

Al- Falassi also did humanitarian work in different places like China where he was visiting and found out there was a school of 800 students that lost the last persons who funds the school, at that time Al-Falassi decided to fund the school to keep the children going and learning there , at the time there were an earthquake in a region at about 400kms from the school , he decided to take a look and find a way to help people there, when he got there he baught a restaurant and the house on top of it to open and orphanage to host 37 children. According to what he said in his speech.

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