Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is encouraging terrorism in Syria

Erdogan Is The New Face Of Terrorism In Syria


Erdogan is playing a dangerous game as all its actions are creating chaos in the Middle East. No one is happy with what Erdogan is up to.  The West has termed him as the new kind of terrorist who is knowingly but unwillingly supporting the ISIS as it continues to needle and bully the Kurdish forces that have been working relentlessly to outs the ISSI from Syria.

Some say that indeed, Erdogan led Turkey has become a barrier to resolving the conflict tearing Syrian civil life apart. Turkey’s long term strategy has not gone in its favour and strangely, it has refused to improvise itself to save its reputation.

Early on, Turkey wanted to foster a Sunni majority government in Syria, preferably run by the local branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. This would deprive Turkey’s two historical rivals, Russia and Iran, of an important client state (Syria) while allowing Turkey to gain one of its own. Definitely, Syria has become a commodity to go into the kitty of one or the other.

But the NATO nations and UN are not interested in this commodification and have been asking Turkey to mend its way and respect the sovereignty of the nation.

This also brings to light the fact that Erdogan has not stopped supporting the Muslim Brotherhood that was instrumental in the uprising of Osama Bin Laden and the likes. In October, Turkish opposition figure Turgutoğlu, confirmed that the Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey showed great support for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the attacks on Syrian territories. Turgutoğlu further added while speaking to the media that no Muslim Brotherhood member will ever openly criticize the Turkish offensive in northeastern Syria.

There is no surprise that most western nations have condemned the Turkish attacks on Syrian territory, warning of the consequences, including the United States and many European countries.

In October, the Egyptian Ministry had to call for an emergency meeting of the League of Arab States.  The concern was simple- to review ways to preserve Syria’s sovereignty and the unity of its people and territorial integrity. Turkey was becoming the new enemy against the establishment of peace in middle east.

Turkey’s working in Syria has all been Erdogan’s mastermind. The world is worried over his autocratic ways and is now terming the Turkish attacks as “blatant” and “unacceptable,” as it takes ‘advantage of the circumstances and the current developments it experiences, and in contravention of the rules of international law.’

No one is on Turkey’s side and Erdogan needs to understand this, lest he wants to look as the new found monster that it on his own ego trip at the expense of ruining its relations with its NATO partners and other western nations.

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