Essential Guide to UN General Assembly 2018


Starting from the heads of the state to philanthropist to business leaders are heading to the New York City in order to attend the annual United Nations General Assembly’s (UNGA) 73rd session.

The fickle nature of the US President, Donald Trump is forcing member states to anticipate how the 73rd session might turn out. While some are remaining optimistic about UNGA 73.0 would be able to solve some major issues; still, some are apprehensive about the whole thing.

However, here are a few things which one can expect from the 73rd session of UNGA.

Heated Speeches at the UN General Debate

Members of each country would come forward to discuss on a central theme. This year’s theme is “Making the United Nations Relevant to All People: Global Leadership and Shared Responsibilities for Peaceful, Equitable, and Sustainable Societies”. A lengthy tirade is expected from each member.

Future Work

Executives from Uber and Postmates would be heading a panel that would focus on workers staying up to date with technological innovation. Ivanka Trump and labor secretary Alexander Acosta attended the Concordia summit in order to speak on low unemployment figures in the US.

Cracking Down on Narcotics

A short event was led by the US President Donald Trump on the issue of narcotics.

Peace in Space

The US and Russian astronauts are living happily inside a tiny shuttle in space. The UN Office for Outer Space Affairs has supported peaceful cooperation in space. Even certain NGO feels that peace in space can help to establish peace in the earth.

Trump’s Security Council Meeting on Counter-Proliferation

Trump might preside a special Security Council meeting on the issue of nuclear non-proliferation on 26th September. Previously, it was aimed to condemn Iran but with the UK and France supporting the Iran nuclear deal, the agenda of the meeting would be ‘counter-proliferation’.

Clouds over Global Trade

At UNGA, US representatives won’t be meeting any Chinese counterparts. The two countries are involved in a fierce trade battle. Hence, renegotiation of NAFTA might be on the cards.

Humanitarian Disasters

Conflicts have killed hundreds and thousands of civilians in South Sudan and Yemen. It has resulted in the development of the largest humanitarian emergency. Military blockades is resulting in starvation. The UN’s office would try to mobilize the global funding and would work to improve the emergency responses.

Peacemaking Issues

Member states would assemble and discuss ways to improve the UN peacemaking missions. Political solution for conflict, the safety of the civilians, and sexual abuse by UN officials would be discussed.

Global Health and Disease Prevention

At UNGA, the battle against tuberculosis would take the centre stage as tuberculosis remains the infectious disease in the world.

Gender Parity, Opportunity

Equal opportunities in business or in a social arena or in politics would take the centre stage. Also, issues like the safety of girls and women would be discussed.

Digital Governance

A panel would provide a report on the transformational impact of digital technologies and identifying the gaps in policies and information.

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