EU Agrees Brexit Deal to Be the Best One, Demand Britons to Support PM Theresa May

EU Agrees Brexit Deal to Be the Best One, Demand Britons to Support PM Theresa May


On Sunday, European Union leaders finally finalized the deal stating that the package settled with Britain’s PM Theresa May of being the best one. This statement acted as a warning so that the British parliament doesn’t dare to reject it.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker briefed reporters that after the remaining 27 other EU leaders formally backed a treaty to establish the terms for British pull out from the bloc in March and also draft a future EU-UK trade agreement. He added that those who would be rejecting the deal expecting a far better deal would be let down.

On being inquired if Brussels would be open again the agreement in case the collaboration of pro-and anti- Brexit forces rejects the potential deal in the British parliament, Juncker stated that the present deal being the best one. However, summit chair Donald Tusk seemed more guarded as he stated that he doesn’t want to consider putative.

PM May made use of a post-summit news conference to make a pitch about her plan, stating television viewers at home that it was the feasible deal; allowing taking charge of UK borders and budgets while sustaining close adjustment with EU regulations that was good for business and the security Europe and Britain. She added that the Parliament’s vote could either unlock a brighter future or decry the country to greater division.

Angela Merkel, German Chancellor and also the bloc’s skilled guiding force, mirrored that reluctance to contemplate on the historic day is both tragic and sad. Even Dutch PM stated that there was no place for Plan B, and people would be wrongly thinking that they would come out with a better deal if they vote down the current one.

A senior EU official stated that the only plan is to get prepared for a probable no-deal scenario, during which Britain would be moving out from the bloc without a deal and faces a legal limbo that might affect Europe’s economy.

Tusk stated that the EU is resolute to maintain a close relationship with Britain, even though the latter was doubtful of EU integration. However, over the coming days May is going to use several measures to persuade the members of the Parliament to back the deal.

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