European Union

EU approved sanctions against Turkey


European Union foreign ministers approved a package of sanctions against Turkey for illegal drilling of the shelf off the coast of Cyprus.

As reported, the Minister of European Affairs of Germany, Michael Roth, called the actions of Turkey unacceptable and provocative. According to him, the EU countries decided to support Cyprus.

In accordance with the agreements reached, the EU countries will limit financial assistance to Turkey, as well as suspend negotiations with Ankara regarding the new air transport agreement. Also, the heads of the foreign affairs agencies of the countries of the European Union said that Turkey was waiting for new sanctions if it continued its illegal work on the Cypriot shelf.

Cyprus accused Turkey of violating sovereignty because Ankara sent another vessel to its shores for its drilling. Cyprus said that the departure of the second Turkish vessel for the exploration and drilling of oil and gas to the northeast coast is a violation of the sovereign rights of the country.

In addition, Cyprus opposed the project of EU sanctions against Turkey in connection with the preparation for the drilling of oil and gas in its waters, saying that they are not sufficient.


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