Ursula von der Leyen

EU Council approves list of candidates for European Commissioner posts for 2019-2024


The Council of the EU officially approved the final list of European Commissioners for 2019-2024 proposed by the European Commission (EC), which now has to pass approval in the European Parliament.  This is stated in a statement issued by the Council on Tuesday in Brussels.

“The Council today approved the list of persons whom it proposes to appoint as members of the European Commission until October 31, 2024,” it says. “This decision will now be sent to the European Parliament and published in the Official Journal of the EU.”

On Tuesday afternoon, the appointed chairman of the new European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, will announce his proposals for specific posts.

The list includes candidates from 25 EU countries, with the exception of the UK leaving the EU.  There are no representatives from Germany and Spain on this list, as German Ursula von der Leyen will head the new European Commission, and Spaniard Josep Borrell will become the new head of the EU foreign policy after Federica Mogherini.  Formally, he will also be subordinate to von der Leyen and join the EC.  The new European Commission is due to begin work on November 1.

As for Great Britain, on August 23, London sent von der Leyen an official notice that he would not determine his candidate for the European Commission, as he intended to leave the EU before the work of the new EC on November 1.


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