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EU favors arms embargo on Turkey


Several EU countries have advocated imposing an arms embargo on Turkey in connection with Ankara’s operation in Syria.  European Foreign Ministers consider the situation in northern Syria at a meeting of the EU Council.

“The Netherlands condemned the operation of Turkey and imposed an arms embargo. Now the EU should do the same. We believe that Turkey violates international law. No one should violate international law,” said Dutch Foreign Minister Steph Block.

The possibility of introducing “certain restrictive measures” of the EU against Turkey today was announced upon arrival at the meeting by the Foreign Minister of Ireland, Simon Coveny.

In the same vein, the Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics expressed himself: “We do not have military options. Naturally, we should consider the possibility of restrictive measures in response to the actions of Turkey.”

Madrid also supports the cessation of arms sales.  And about.  Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell said that “the intention of all is to take a very demanding position in relation to Turkey.”

“We will discuss sanctions,” the acting assured  Minister, recalling that the decision to sell arms to Turkey is made by each individual country.  “This is not an EU area,” Borrell said.  He added that “the Spanish government is completely for stopping the sale of arms to Turkey.”

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