EU rushes Switzerland with a framework agreement


The Swiss federal government announced it was unwilling to sign a framework agreement with the EU until Brussels clarifies “a few points.” Bern is ready to allocate for discussion as much time as necessary. This cannot be said of the EU, which is seeking to sign an agreement as soon as possible.

Switzerland and the EU should sign a framework agreement as soon as possible. This was stated by the current President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, in his response to Bern’s request to clarify some points regarding the controversial document.

According to him, the issue must be resolved in the “coming days.” He views Bern’s response as a “positive step,” which will allow the framework agreement to be signed “as soon as possible.”

Recall that the Swiss Federal Council demanded that Brussels clarify three controversial provisions:

– on the regulation of state subsidies

– about salary protection

– on recognition of the political and social rights of EU citizens at the legal level.

Jean-Claude Juncker proposes to clarify these provisions, if necessary, by regulating them with additional documents. At the same time, Brussels excludes the possibility of further negotiations. The conclusion is obvious: the EU is hardly ready to accept the terms of Switzerland.

Mr. Juncker is planning to finish the discussion of controversial provisions this week. He wants to sign the framework agreement before the end of his term of office as president of the European Commission – that is, until October 31, 2019.


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