Families of 9/11 Victims Can Now Take Over Iran Assets in Britain


A senior court in England has cleared the way to contemplate whether it would allow families of those killed in the 11- September 2001 attacks on the United States to make claims on the Iranian assets in Britain. The relatives of the victims’ want the English High Court to implement the 2012 decision made by a U.S court. The US court found that there were enough evidences to prove that Iran offered material support and resources to the Al Qaeda for carrying out the acts of terrorism. The militant group was responsible for the attack.

The New York court awarded the complainant damages of over $8 billion. However, Iran denied to have any links with the terrorist groups or any 9/11 attacks. In case, England’s court agrees to implement the ruling it would clear the way of the Iranian assets in England and Wales to be captured. Grabbing of Iranian assets, such as a central London building and funds held by two subdivision of state-owned banks, would add to the existing woes OF Tehran, who is trying to fend off a financial crisis.

The 8th June ruling given after a hearing removed an impediment that was present in the process. AS PER LAW, THE UK’S Foreign Office (FCO) would need to formally serve the legal papers to Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) before the imposition proceedings begins. However, a British official stated that it is difficult to deliver papers to the MFA. The judge ordered that notifying the MFA through email or post would be enough.

The litigants would now ask a judge at the High Court to contemplate if the New York ruling can be included as a judgment in the English law. Only then the decree could be enforced.

However, an Iranian official stated that the ruling was concocted and politically motivated. Hence, Iran would take necessary steps to prevent the ruling from getting implemented.

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