FARC leaders in Colombia announce the need to continue the war


The peace lull in Colombia, drawn up in 2016 by an agreement between the government of the country and the left paramilitary group FARC (People’s Army, Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia), which turned into a political party, ended. The leader of the latter, Luciano Marin, known under the pseudonym Ivan Marquez (previously was the head of a group of 20 FARC fighters), distributed a video message on the network about the termination of the contract due to non-fulfillment of its conditions by representatives of the conservative government of Ivan Duque.

In a video posted yesterday on the Internet, a former FARC lead negotiator condemned the government’s inability to deliver on its promises. As an argument, he cited the killing of more than 500 left-wing social leaders and 150 former fighters of the organization over the past two years.

“We announce to the world that the second Market began (the cradle of the 1964 uprising – ed.) In the name of the universal right of peoples to stand arms in the face of oppression,” the 32-minute appeal says, in which he appears along with others former rebel leaders who had been underground for several months. Earlier, some leaders had already returned to the jungle, and analysts believe that by combining two dozen cells, the organization can again become a serious force (estimated that in its ranks today there are about 1,500 fighters against 13,000 before the peace treaty).

However, there are still those rebels who did not support the conversion and return to arms, for example, Rodrigo Londono – the former supreme leader of the FARC, who led the legalized political party. The latter also stated that over 90% of former partisans remain committed to the peace process.

In any case, the longest war of recent years in Latin America continues. The Colombian government expressed concern over the statement, but was not surprised by the FARC’s return to arms and announced a response. Personally, Colombian President Duque in a televised message promised a reward of $ 100’000 for information that could help catch FARC leaders from the video “drug dealers” and “criminals” who had taken refuge thanks to Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela.


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