Emmanuel Macron

France called for a “deep reorganization” of the Schengen area


French President Emmanuel Macron at a press conference in Paris on the results of the national debate on Thursday called for a revision of the Schengen zone.

“It is necessary to deeply reorganize Schengen, even if this has to be done with the participation of a smaller number of countries.”  The French leader also rebuked a number of states (but did not name them by name) of insufficient solidarity in the field of migration policy.

Macron believes that “common borders, Schengen, the Dublin Agreement no longer work.”  “To be open, one must have limits, in order to accept – to have a home, which means borders,” said French President, stating that for him the solution of the migration issue is an important challenge for the EU.

The current French president is not the first time in favor of the reorganization of Schengen.  On March 4, in his column in the local newspaper Le Figaro, Macron proposed to revisit the space of 26 European states, as well as create a common border police and a European asylum office.

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